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AKFX | Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Fundamentals move currency pairs, and news moves fundamentals.

News of an interest-rate hike or news of an unemployment change can cause a currency pair to change directions in an instant. The fundamentals that were true just 10 seconds earlier can become completely meaningless in the face of new fundamental information. You, as a forex trader, need to be able to react to big news when it is released.

You may be worried that you won’t be able to be in front of your computer to react to all of the market news that may come out during a day. After all, the forex market is a 24-hour marketplace. Luckily, as a retail forex trader, you don’t need to monitor various news wires quite this actively. With the AKFX's Economic Calendar you can reach the news you need instantly and continuously, both via web & trading platform.

  • The quickly-updated economic calendar covers all important events.
  • Previous figures and expected figures is being kept updated instantly.
  • A news release can be seen in seconds in the calendar.
  • Importance & relevance of the news can also be seen.



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